Thursday, July 16, 2009

About Re-Posts

Recently, I reposted a piece from a previous year and was asked in the comments why I reposted my question if it was answered in the comments.

Because most of the stuff that is posted here is relevant to the פרשה, it makes sense to bring the issues up all over again in following years (especially advisories.) However, there is often discussion in the comments that is crucial to the topic at hand. The problem is that when you view the blog on the main page, the comments are not shown unless you click on the link. And I also believe there is something to be said about maintaining the original integrity of the question-answer process.

This week happens to feature many reposts. What I have begun to do is to take important comments from previous years and paste them in to the actual post and remove them from the comments. That way, they will show up (with proper attribution, as well) on the post.

The Double Modifier

...כָּל נֵדֶר וְכָל שְׁבֻעַת אִסָּר

First, I am making an assumption which I have been told is not necessarily correct. That is, that the word נֵדֶר as it is pronounced in this פסוק implies סמיכות. If that is the case, the proper pronounciation becomes more crucial than in other instances of סמיכות. Without סמיכות the פסוק would be understood "Every נדר, and every שבועה of אסר..." However, the סמיכות determines that אסר is modifying נדר as well and so it is understood "Every נדר of אסר and every שבועה of אסר..."
Any thoughts?