Friday, September 23, 2016

Tough Day at the Office

[From תשע"ג]

Last week was an interesting one, to say the least.
First, at the beginning of כ"ו:י"ט, the בעל קריאה committed the capital crime of say וְלְתִתְּךָ instead of וּלְתִתְּךָ. What could be worse than that? I'll tell you what - half the shul correcting him! I really actually had an urge to tell him to specifically go back and say it wrong again. But I resisted the urge. Of course, later, כ"ט:ד, when he said וְאוֹלֵךְ instead of וָאוֹלֵךְ - not a peep! (Don't worry I did correct that one.)

My oversight of the קריאה has its pros and cons for the בעלי קריאה. On the one hand, they have to deal with me. But on the other, they don't have to deal with anyone else. Case in point: as soon as the עליה with the תוכחה was complete, a well-meaning individual raced to the בימה to insist to the בעל קריאה that in כ"ח:ס"ח he had said וְהֵשִׁיבְךָ instead of וֶהֱשִׁיבְךָ. He just looked at him, pointed at me and said, "Talk to him." I believe he was right. That was what it sounded like. However, I proceeded to convince him that there is actually no change in meaning and thus, it did not warrant a correction. Any objections? We certainly agreed that the vowel under the ו was inconsequential. I'm no expert when it comes to conjugation. But I pointed out that in a shorter form, there is a צירי under the ה, as in וְהֵשִׁיב אֶת הַגְּזֵלָה. My guess is that the elongation of the word "softens" the vowel into a סגול.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Songs that get it wrong

I figured on the heels of my recent (re-)post about the mistake in הרחמן הוא יקים it might be fun to compile a list of songs which commonly include mispronounced words. (Have to admit, partly inspired by this video.) We'll start with this one and another one in the comments of the source of that post. I'll add to the main list as I receive suggestions through comments or by email.

RED = חירוף וגידוף alert!

Proper pronunciation: Commonly mispronounced:
הרחמן הוא יקים לנו את סוכת דוד הַנֹּפֶלֶת הַנֹּפָלֶת
טוב לי תורת פיך מאלפי זהב וָכָסֶף וָכֶסֶף
הנה אנכי שלח לכם את אליה הנביא אליהו הנביא
הוֹדוֹ על ארץ ושמים הוֹדוּ
ברוך הוא אלקינו שֶׁבְּרָאָנוּ לכבודו שֶׁבָּרָאנוּ
מי כמוך בעל גבורות בל גבורות
וְקוֹיֵ ה' יחליפו כח וְקוֹוֵי (Sorry, Dedi)
** UPDATE: Sorry, Dedi, again.
It seems this exact text is not so