Wednesday, January 31, 2007


As the person charged with monitoring and correcting (when necessary) the weekly laining in my shul, I found myself going through the שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום paying close attention to mistakes that might be easier to make than they are to catch. This helped me prepare for my job on שבת. I decided it would be nice to have an online resource which endeavoured to gather a list of these words to watch out for to help both those who are laining and those who might be correcting. At the same time, this resource could serve as a discussion forum on general דקדוק issues - whether or not they pertain to the פרשה. And so, I present to you, The Dikdukian. Each week we will try to gather the various words to watch out for and explain the issues behind them and with enough time before שבת, summarize them in a concise list. These will be called דקדוק Advisories. Again, the floor is open to any other דקדוק-related discussion. I look forward to your feedback and input.

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Daddy said...

Hi, Ez.
Mazal Tov on this new, exact venture.
I am happy to be your first comment-ator.
In the beginning of this week's reading, we have the words v'lo naham. If read incorrectly, it would give the impression that everyone left Egypt except Naham! So, it is important to connect naham to the next word!
By the way, can you expand to include tefilah? You can have as your first post on this the common error of saying - Moshe u'venay Yisrael lekha anu shirah, then b'simhah rabba v'omru hulam. Really, it should be lekha anu shirah b'simhah rabbah, and then v-omru hulam. Most siddurim actually have it incorrectly.
Again Mazal Tov.
Your very proud father