Wednesday, February 7, 2024

האשה וילדיה

האשה וילדיה תהיה לאדניה

In בבא קמא נד., the גמרא discusses the use of a singular verb in reference to plural subjects as acceptable in תנ"ך. However, in all of the examples discussed there the verb precedes the subjects. However, the above פסוק demonstrates that it can occur in the reverse as well. One would have expected the פסוק to read האשה וילדיה יהיו לאדניה but apparently תהיה suffices.


Michael Koplow said...

It's not just Tanakh. "Ya'aleh veyavo" and a whole bunch of other singular verbs "zikhronenu ufikdonenu" and a whole bunch of nouns as the subject. To give just one example.

And I understand you didn't say it wasn't done elsewhere than Tanakh. Just wanted to clarify.

Lion of Zion said...

(i apologize that this is complete off topic)

1) has anyone here ever purchased megillot on klaf (other than esther)?

2) has anyone ever seen megillot written with petuhot/setumot that follow the keter aram tzova?


Anonymous said...

בעניין מגילות עם פתוחות אני ראיתי
למעשה לו היה ביכולתי הייתי קונה לעצמי

בעניין האשה ויליה זו הערה יפה אבל כנראה שכך אפשר לומר כמו
"כי יהיה נערה בתולה"

N Edinger said...

Can you do a piece on Megillas Esther ?