Tuesday, November 21, 2023


It is interesting that the first עליה of ויצא seems to contain an usually high instance of words that can stick together and thus, should be carefully separated by the בעל קריאה:

ויצא יעקב
וילך חרנה
וישם מראשתיו
סולם מוצב

They actually all appear in the fist עליה during the week.


ba said...

I found it interesting that the first aliyah seems to have a quick rhythm. I think it's because of all the kadma-ve'azla and zarka-segol combinations, and few "resistant" combinations (words that make you pause, like darga-tevir, gershayim). Or maybe it was just the ba'al kri'ah.

IsraelP said...

Except the first of your four examples, there is no possibility of sticking the words together. In the last three cases, the taam on the first word is a mafsik and you are required to stop there. If you do so, even briefly, there is no possibility of sticking the words. If you don't, you should sit down and let someone else read.

Daniel W said...

What's the maximum number of words in a row that are subject to this? I recall "Petter Rechem Mibinai Yisrael" as being 4 in a row; are there others?

Avi said...

The end of the last pasuk in rishon of parashas Re'eh also has 4 in a row.

ELIE said...

חצר גנת ביתן המלך