Friday, July 28, 2023

Raise the valleys

I was recently contacted by a בעל דקדוק whom I trust regarding a פסוק in this week's הפטרה:
כָּל גֶּיא יִנָּשֵׂא
Since the word גֶּיא does not have any vowel under the יו"ד, the letter is completely silent and therefore, should be pronounced with a סגול and should not sound like a צירי. And this is how he instructed the Bar Mitzvah boy he was teaching to pronounce it. (Most other times you see this word it is סמוך and there is therefore a צירי under the יו"ד.)


Anonymous said...

Fascinating! Was this just his feeling or does he have support?

ELIE said...

מאי קמשמע לן
הכלל הוא שכל אות שאינה מנוקדת לא נקראת
מלבד אותיות בסוף המלה
הנקראות בשווא נח
אבל כיון שרבים טועים בזה
רצוי להודיע ברבים