Friday, August 11, 2023

Oh, Deer!

We have previously discussed the possible mix-up of כבש and כשב. Whether or not the two words mean the exact same thing, it definitely needs to be corrected. I actually had to do just that [תשע"ו] this past שבת when I'm pretty sure the בעל קריאה said שה כבשים instead of י"ד:ד - שה כשבים. But while I was contemplating that, something arose on the very next פסוק which I was unsure of. Someone claimed that instead of אַיָּל, a deer, he said אַיִל, a ram. Whether he did or he didn't is not particularly relevant at this point, I suppose, but it is worth pointing out how similar these two words are while they refer to two completely different animals. And by posting this now, hopefully it will jog my memory to be en garde in coming years.

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ELIE said...

אין גבול לטעויות אפשריות
ברור שהחלפת כבש-כבש
צריכה תיקון
כמו שאם יקרא רחל במקום כבשה או כשבה לא קרא נכון
וכן איִל
במקום אַיָּל שהוא מלרע
כשיש קורא כזה צריך להיות מוכנים לתקן מייד במקום