Thursday, September 21, 2023



ה לה' תגמלו זאת

[תשפ"א] In a year such as this (which we haven't had in 11 years) you get to hear האזינו many times and you will likely hear this word pronounced in different ways. It's not a definite consensus but the accepted reading of the word seems to be like the מנחת שי and should be read hal-ado... Two things to keep in mind are that the שוא under the למ"ד is נח - so not hale - and the פתח must be under the "virtual" אל"ף, not the למ"ד - so not ha-la-do.


MS said...

I don't know why you say it is not a definite consensus. There is only one way to read the word, and that is how you indicate. Anything else is a mistake.

ELIE said...

אינני ממהר לפסול את השיטה האחרת
אני מתכוון לשיטה של יהב"י שר' וולף היידנהיים מביא
וזו גם דעת מהרי"ץ התימני
לדעתם משמיטים את החטף-פתח משם ההויה
ונקרא הַלְדוֹ ... גם אם שיטה זו לא נקבלה אצלנו
לא הייתי אומר
Anything else is a mistake.

Jonathan Katz said...

Why do we read Ha'azinu more this year than any other?

Shtikler said...

Since ראש השנה was on Shabbos (remember, this was in 5781) there were two sets of Shabbos-Monday-Thursday when it was read.