Wednesday, December 22, 2021

משנה יומית

I know this is clearly not as critical as קריאת התורה but I have a very strong urge to make a big deal about this. I have been doing the משנה יומית for some time now and the program is about to complete ש"ס once again this Friday. A number of organizations have recently jumped on the bandwagon to get behind the program for the next cycle. There's one problem - they're calling it Mishnah Yomi. It's not that complicated. Mishnah is most certainly feminine. However, a local rav appeased me greatly by pointing out that the organizations that are supporting this effort appeal to a wide spectrum of frum Jews such that some might call it Yomis and some Yomit. Opting for the grammatically incorrect Yomi might very well have been the right call to avoid מחלוקת and promote אחדות. (And I used the Hebrew spelling there for the very same reason 😀.)

Either way, I shouldn't let all that get in the way of encouraging everyone to join the program. Only 2 mishnayim (I'm kidding, mishnayos) per day, finishing all of ש"ס in under 6 years! Here's a link to a calendar from, ironically,

5782 Calendar

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