Thursday, July 6, 2023


 I have, on many occasions, lauded the  ספר אם למקרא ולמסורת by Rav Nissan Sharoni as the quintessential encyclopedia that is a must have for any בעל קריאה. Aside from methodically going through every single aspect of דקדוק in an easy-to-read manner, he goes through every פרשה and הפטרה listing the various nuances that one needs to be careful of. Essentially, it just about renders this blog obsolete 😀. And as an added bonus, I just discovered that the ספר was made available on Hebrew Books.

Every now and then, he will offer a very useful mnemonic to help navigate some tricky words. This week's was so cute that I had to share it. The קרבנות of each יום טוב contain a phrase beginning with the word מלבד. The problem is that the trop varies between instances. This is the trick Rav Sharoni offers to remember the proper notes:

  • פסח: We lean to the left so the note on מלבד is a פשטא - like so מִלְּבַד֙
  • שבועות: We received the לוחות so it is a גרשיים which looks like two tablets: מִלְּבַ֞ד
  • ראש השנה: The תלישא looks like an apple dipped in honey: מִלְּבַד֩
  • יום כפור: We received the second לוחות so, as with שבועות we find מִלְּבַ֞ד
  • סוכות: We wave the לולב which looks like a פשטא, therefore מִלְּבַד֙
  • שמיני עצרת: We use the same note as סוכות since there is still תשלומים for the חגיגה
You can read it for yourself here.

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