Friday, January 19, 2024

Talented Locusts

Just wanted to highlight one of Elie's points below from last week but on this week's פרשה:
י:ו וּמָלְאוּ הלמ"ד בשוא נע, לא לקרוא וּמָלוּ
It is not absolutely essential to use the שוא נע. However, one must be very careful not to skip the שוא altogether and pronounce it וּמָלוּ. Surely, the locusts were not circumcising the Egyptians houses.


Snag said...

It's the glottal stop that's more important than the shewa.

Anonymous said...

No. There's no glottal stop here. A glottal stop would occur with an shva under the aleph (and possibly with the extremely rare case of a dagesh in the aleph). This aleph is completely silent.